Gfarm 2.7.1をリリース


* Gfarmファイルシステム version 2.7.1
* Gfarmファイルシステム version 2.6.16
* Gfarm Zabbixプラグイン version 4.0.0


Gfarm 2.7.1, Gfarm 2.6.16 は gfpcopy のコピー先から高負荷のノードを除

Gfarm Zabbixプラグインは、Template OS Linux とともに用いたときの問題点
の修正の他、checksum mismatchなど、silent data corruptionが発生した場


Release note for Gfarm 2.7.1 and 2.6.16


Updated feature
* gfpcopy, gfprep – do not copy to busy hosts by default. This will
be disabled by -B option
* gfpcopy, gfprep – -I option to specify interval to collect host
information. Default is 300 seconds.
* gfsd – adjust log level for non-critical replication failure

Bug fix
* incorrect metadb_server_list causes assertion failure

Release note for Gfarm Zabbix plugin 4.0.0


Updated feature
* restructure the templates.
Template_Gfarm_linux, which enables detection of some critical problems,
can coexist with “Template OS Linux” with this change.
The definitions which cannot coexist with “Template OS Linux” are
moved to the Template_gfarm*_alt templates. (e.g. Template_Gfarm_linux_alt)
[ ticket #966]
* make Template_Gfarm_linux treat “I/O error” message from kernel
as “high” priority problem instead of an “average” problem.
[ ticket #930]
* make Template_Gfarm_linux detect “bio too big device” message from kernel.
which shows a critical problem about the stroage. [ ticket #931]
* make Template_Gfarm_linux detect “XFS: Internal error” message from kernel.
[ ticket #976]
* report all critical “checksum mismatch” errors from gfmd,
all critical write_verify related errors from gfsd, and
all “Input/output error” / “Stale file handle” errors from gfsd
without any summarization. [ ticket #977]

Documentation Update
* improve installation procedure [ ticket #932]
* clarify macro settings [ ticket #945]