Gfarm 2.6.9をリリース


* Gfarmファイルシステム version 2.6.9
* Gfarm2fs version




Release note for Gfarm 2.6.9


New configuration directive
* spool_server_back_channel_rcvbuf_limit and
metadb_server_back_channel_sndbuf_limit – limits outstanding
requests between gfsd and gfmd to reduce risk of the disconnection.
Default is 4096 bytes.

Updated feature
* gfsd – support multiple spool directories
* most available disk space is selected when creating files
* gfwhere – -m option to select files having the specified number or
less number of replicas
* gfwhere – -h option to select files that stored on the specified
* gfstatus – -m option to change the configuration parameter in gfmd
with -M option. Currently, ‘digest’, ‘write_verify’,
‘write_verify_interval’, ‘write_verify_retry_interval’ can be
changed. Note that write_verify is enabled only after gfsd is
* write_verify process of gfsd terminates and dumps file information
to be verified by TERM signal
* gfspoolpath – -I option to specify inode number and generation
number instead of a filename

Bug fix
* updated files during the connection between gfsd and gfmd is
disconnected cannot be accessed
* master gfmd may crash when connecting from an expired slave gfmd
[ ticket #947]
* delete metadata when a copy cannot be created due to no space error
* mtime of gfs_pio_stat() and gfs_stat() is inconsistent, which may
cause failure to extract symbolic links from tar files

Release note for Gfarm2fs


Updated feature
* readlink – cache previous result to improve ‘ls -l’ performance