Gfarm 2.6.8をリリース


* Gfarmファイルシステム version 2.6.8


このバージョンは、サイレントデータ損傷(silent data corruption)を検知
するため、書込後に読み込んで digest を確認する書込検証(write verify)


Release note for Gfarm 2.6.8


New feature
* write verify – detect silent data corruption by re-reading files

New configuration directive
* write_verify – enables the write verify feature
* write_verify_interval – specifies the wait time in seconds of the
write verify after the file creation. Default is 21600 seconds (6
* write_verify_retry_interval – specifies the wait time in seconds to
retry write verify when the file is opened for writing at the write
verify time. Default is 600 seconds (10 minutes).

Updated feature
* gfstatus – -M option to ask configuration, e.g. write_verify or
digest, in gfmd
* gfmd reports file names opened for writing when gfsd exits without
closing them
* quota check for file replication, chown, and chgrp

Bug fix
* gfmd crashes when quota prevents file creation [ ticket #936]
* gfsd – plug memory leak at gfmd-initiated replication, which was
introduced by Gfarm 2.6.0