Gfarm 2.6.7, Zabbix plugin 3.0.0, Samba plugin 1.0.1, GridFTP DSI 1.0.4をリリース


* Gfarmファイルシステム version 2.6.7
* Gfarm Zabbixプラグイン version 3.0.0
* Gfarm Sambaプラグイン version 1.0.1
* Gfarm GridFTP DSI version 1.0.4




Release note for Gfarm 2.6.7


Updated feature
* make gfarm2fs return EIO instead of EINVAL, when no replica is
available [ ticket #924]

Bug fix
* gfrep and gfprep may create incomplete replica when network error
happens, which is introduced by Gfarm 2.6.0 [ ticket #926]
* local host is not selected when reading a file at first operation,
which was introduced by Gfarm 2.6.0
* When a file system node crashes during receiving a file replica, the
metadata remains [ ticket #913]
* client_digest_check does not return an error even when checksum
mismatch happens [ ticket #915, #916]
* gfarm clients may access uninitialized data, and may dump core, if
$HOME/.gfarm2rc does not exist [ ticket #912]
* changing gfmd port number by “gfmdhost -m -p” makes gfmd crash
[ ticket #918]
* When trying to modify a file stored at a file server with no space
or in read-only mode, return no space immediately instead of
retrying for a while

Release note for Gfarm Zabbix plugin 3.0.0


Updated feature
* restructure the templates
– the templates of this version has no conflict with “Template OS Linux”
so that a host can be linked with both “Template OS Linux” and Gfarm
Zabbix templates [ ticket #911]
– Template_Gfarm_zabbix are no longer provided

Release note for Gfarm Samba plugin 1.0.1


Bug fix
* configure –with-samba does not set samba source path

Release note for Gfarm GridFTP DSI 1.0.4


Bug fix
* fix segfault when using Gfarm 2.6
* check error in gfs_pio_close()