Gfarm, Gfarm2fs, Gfarm Hadoopプラグイン1.0.1をリリース

Gfarmファイルシステム2.5.8.4, Gfarm2fs, Gfarm Hadoopプラグイン1.0.1をリリースしました。


Release note for Gfarm


New command
* gfsudo – execute a command in gfarmroot privilege

Updated feature
* gfrm – -D option to specify a domain name of file replicas to be
* gfls – -h option to display in human readable format
* gfusage, gfquota – -h and -H options to display in human readable format
* gfpcopy – -e option to enable multiple gfpcopy executions for the
same target directory
* gfncopy – -w option to wait until replicas are created
* gfgroup – -a and -r options to add and remove group members
* replica check also checks files whose gfarm.ncopy is not set [
trac #733]
* increase error level when all replicas are lost and when all hosts
are down [ trac #732]
* gfsd – tolerate read-only file system error and no space left on
device error

Bug fix
* gfmd crash when gfmd is stopped during the startup process [
trac #736, #737]
* gfmd may crash when a write error happens in the startup process
[ trac #734]

Release note for Gfarm2fs


New feature
* support atomic file creation (O_EXCL), which requires Gfarm
or later

Updated feature
* mount.hpci, gfarm2fs-proxy-info – better error reporting [
trac #741, #742]

Release note for Gfarm Hadoop plugin 1.0.1


Updated feature
* support Hadoop version 0.23.X and 1.2.X