GfarmファイルシステムversionとGfarm2fs versionをリリースしました。


Release note for Gfarm


New configuration directive
* spool_base_load – additional CPU load for gfsd to pretend to be busy
* shared_key_file – specify a pathname of the shared key file

Updated feature
* Japanese documents including manual pages and HTML documents are
encoded in UTF-8 [ trac #698]
* all entries are included in FileNum in quota [ trac #717]
* gfprep, gfpcopy – -M option to limit the total file size to be
copied [ trac #707]

Bug fix
* slave gfmd fails to restart after gfhost -d [ trac #697]
* gfprep -m cannot migrate replicas when two or more source nodes are
specified [ trac #709]
* gfprep -m removes a new valid replica when the source replica cannot
be removed [ trac #708]
* recursive operations for gfarm:// and gfarm://host:port do not work
* gfdump -r and config-gfarm-update do not work in private mode in
* plug memory leak when file trace enabled [ trac #703]
* 0-byte file can be created when using gfarm2fs 1.2.8 or later
[ trac #702]

Release note for Gfarm2fs


Updated feature
* mount.gfarm2fs – more automount(8) support