Monthly Archives: April 2021

Gfarm version 2.7.18 released

Hi all,

We are pleased to announce the release of

* Gfarm file system version 2.7.18,
* Gfarm2fs version 1.2.15.

This release includes useful updates and bug fixes.

We recommend for all users to upgrade to this version.

Release note for Gfarm 2.7.18


New configuration directive
* network_send_timeout – timeout to send data. Default is 0 that
means no timeout

Updated feature
* gfprep – -m option works even when the destination already stores
the file replica [#1111]
* gfsetfacl and gfgetfacl – -R option to recursively change ACLs
* gfmd – improves startup time

Bug fix
* gfarm2fs fails due to race condition to connect gfmd, introduced by
the version 2.7.17
* gfprep – -M option may exit before the limit [#1112]
* gfmd may crash when a parent directory has default ACL [#1108]

Release note for Gfarm2fs 1.2.15


Updated feature
* suppress too much logs of gfs_lremovexattr
* mount.hpci – accept mount options

Bug fix
* unexpected file size after write close when mounting in multithread
mode [#9]
* mount.gfarm2fs – fix proxy update in automount case