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Gfarm 2.7.17 released

We are pleased to announce the release of

* Gfarm file system version 2.7.17,
* Gfarm2fs version 1.2.14, and
* Gfarm Zabbix plugin version 4.2.

This release includes useful updates including read only file system
and bug fixes.

We recommend for all users to upgrade to this version. Note that this
release requires to update the Gfarm configuration by

# config-gfarm-update –update

before executing gfmd metadata servers.

Release note for Gfarm 2.7.17


Update note
* this release requires config-gfarm-update –update

New feature
* libgfarm – Multithread safe. For details, see lib/libgfarm/README.MT-safe
* Gfarm read only file system – gfstatus -Mm ‘read_only enable’
* pkg-config support

New configuration file
* gfmd.failover.conf – this configuration file will be read at
failover, which is mainly used by Gfarm-zabbix failover mechanism to
make Gfarm read only when gfmd is failed over but it may be stale.
This file is created by config-gfarm or config-gfarm-update –update.

New configuration directive
* read_only – read only file system
* spool_server_read_only_interval – if there are files still opened
and modified when Gfarm is changed to a read only file system, these
files cannot be closed until Gfarm is changed to a read-write file
system. This directive specifies the interval in second for gfsd to
check the status change.
* include – includes a configuration file
* include_nesting_limit – limits the nesting level of include files
* failover_notify_delay – delay to notify failover to gfsd servers

* document for Gfarm encrypted file system using EncFS

Updated feature
* gfarmbb – -mpi and -conf options to set up Gfarm/BB using mpirun
* gfmv – allow gfmv between different directory quota setting [#1081]
* gfkey – -V option to display version information
* gfstatus – auth directive can be dynamically updated
* config-gfarm-update – error check
* gfsd – display gfsd type in command line field of ps(1) [#1100]
* gfmd – record gfmd config changes in log [#1097]
* gfmd – -u option to specify file name of gfmd.failover.conf
* gfmd – automatic quota check again, which makes gfquotacheck unnecessary
* libgfarm – support GFARM_FILE_UNBUFFERED in open flag
* FTBFS on GNU Hurd [#805]

Bug fix
* removing user may crash gfmd at restart when using directory quota
* fix segfault when calling gfarm_initialize after gfarm_terminate if
log_file directive is used
* when gfmd is failovered, quota is not correct [#1101]

Release note for Gfarm2fs 1.2.14


Updated feature
* gfarm2fs – multithread safe. For backward compatibility use -s
* mount.hpci – accept sharedsecret authentication
* mount.hpci – mount in /tmp when /gfarm mount directory is not

Release note for Gfarm Zabbix plugin 4.2


New feature
* add new setting ‘POSTGRES_PID_FILE’ in install.conf,
pathname of PID file for the PostgreSQL daemon.
[GitHub oss-tsukuba/gfarm-zabbix#1]
* make failover script utilize the gfmd read_only feature since gfarm-2.7.17.
this adds the following configuration directives to gfarm_gfmd_failover.conf:
– ‘read_only_failover_config’ specifies the setting which will be written
to gfmd.failover.agent.conf when split brain may happen.
– ‘read_write_failover_config’ specifies the setting which will be written
to gfmd.failover.agent.conf when split brain must not happen.
– ‘allow_inconsistency’ – if this is ‘true’ and failover_type is
‘availability, failover is allowed even if there is newer metadata in
some metadata servers which are down. the read_only_failover_config
setting will be written to gfmd.failover.config before the failover.
– ‘gfmd_failover_agent_conf_file’ – pathname of gfmd.failover.agent.conf
[GitHub oss-tsukuba/gfarm-zabbix#2]