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Gfarm 2.6.12 released

We are pleased to announce the release of

* Gfarm file system version 2.6.12

This release supports failover of symbolic link in Gfarm URL format.
That is, a symbolic link gfarm://serverA:port/path/name can be
accessed even though the serverA is failed over to serverB. To
support this, metadata_server_list directive can be used multiple
times to specify several metadata server groups.

It changes Ganglia plugin format to avoid false sharing of cache
line, which requires to update the plugin as follows;

service gmond stop
config-gfmd-iostat -f …
config-gfsd-iostat -f …
service gmond start

It also includes several bug fixes.

We recommend for all users to upgrade to this version.

Release note for Gfarm 2.6.12


New feature
* symbolic link support for master-slave redundant metadata servers –
metadb_server_list directive can be used several times to specify
several metadata server groups

Updated feature
* iostat – new data format that aligns the cache line to avoid
unnecessary false sharing. This requires ganglia plugin update by
config-{gfsd,gfmd}-iostat -f

Bug fix
* fix compilation error on Linux/alpha. This patch is contributed by
Michael Cree via Dmitry Smirnov []
* gfpcopy – plug memory leak, which was introduced in Gfarm 2.6.6
* gfmd – quota is not effective just after gfmd start-up or failover
* gfmd – incorrect grace period for soft quota after gfmd restart or
* gfsd – may give up to reconnect to gfmd
* gfsd – incorrect period for write_verify is reported at gfsd crash
on Linux 2.6.22 or before